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What Kind of Airbnb Host Are You?

May 18, 2018 | Tips & Tricks

There are three main types short term rental hosts, find out which Airbnb host you are.

The Opportunist

The Opportunist is an Airbnb host who is willing to rent out available space from their current residence for premium or only when they know they’re not utilizing the space. They usually have a very specific time window in mind that they’re willing to rent out their unit.

Maybe they noticed that a major upcoming convention in their area has all the hotels booked out or they know they will be out for a couple of weeks. Either way, they just want to see if they could make some extra ash for a very specific time window. They’d rather not put in the work and effort required for successful continuous listing of their unit.

The Stable Extra Income Seeker

The Stable Extra Income Seeker is an Airbnb host who wants to achieve a consistent, recurring stream of extra income from their unit by renting it out on a regular, but still not full time basis. Maybe they want to rent out 2 weekends every month or two months of every summer.

And if an opportunity comes that allows them to rent their unit for a premium, you can be sure that they will take advantage of that as well. Maximizing the profit potential of the unit is usually the goal, even if it takes up more of their time.

The Full Time Rentrepreneur

The Full Time Rentrepreneur is an Airbnb host who is renting at least one dedicated, full time short term rental. This is someone who seeks to ultimately have rental income from their units become their primary (or only) source of income. They aim to operate an entire portfolio of dedicated short term rentals so they develop systems to automate as much as possible.

Full Time Rentrepreneurs aim NOT to maximize the potential profit of each of their units, but to maximize the potential profit of each hour they spend as a host. They are willing to pay to free up time so they can add another unit to their portfolio.